Classroom Management Fundamentals

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Classroom Management Fundamentals

Provided by Lynda and taught by Aaron Quigley

|| Certificate of Completion ||

K-12 educators: create a classroom culture that increases achievement and decreases disruption—without inhibiting your students’ creativity or desire to learn. In this [we learn] how to create learning-focused environments by minimizing off-task behavior and increasing student engagement. [We also] learn how to develop the traits of effective classroom managers, reduce distraction, give clear instruction, and escalate problems when necessary. [This course] also provide[s] guides for building a positive classroom culture that sets students up for success, wherever they go next.

Topics include:

  • Developing your voice and confidence
  • Being consistently proactive
  • Setting up procedures and routines
  • Timing everything
  • Intervening and redirecting
  • Making student learning the center of it all


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