Coursera Mentor Community & Training Course

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I received an invitation from Coursera to become a Mentor for the course called Powerful Tools for Teaching & Learning: Web 2.0 Tools because of my outstanding academic success and support for fellow learners in the forums.

What Are Coursera Mentors?

Community Mentors are successful, dedicated Coursera learners who volunteer to assist with support and forum moderation in courses that they have already completed. By fostering discussion and curating community spaces, Mentors improve the Coursera experience for all learners. Their contributions allow millions of individuals throughout the world to access high-quality education, which enriches and fundamental changes lives.

Role of the Mentor

Mentors play a vital role in the Coursera community by supporting learners who need in-course assistance and feedback to successfully complete a course; a Mentor helps other learners come closer to reaching their goals.

Mentor Responsibilities

  • Answer learner questions in the discussion forums
  • Post new threads to spark discussion
  • Provide feedback to Coursera staff

Mentor Training Course Information

  • The course covers general Mentor responsibilities, expectations, and best practices
  • The course contains a few hours worth of work, including 3 short peer assessments and a final quiz

Perks & Benefits

  • Help other learners succeed on Coursera
  • Improve understanding of course content through teaching and discussion
  • Develop leadership and communication skills by guiding other learners through the course
  • Build connections with fellow learners and Mentors around the world
  • Take advantage of opportunities to test and review new Coursera features

Completion of the Course

I completed the Coursera Mentor Community and Training Course in two weeks and received a certificate for passing all of the assignments with a 99%.

Artifacts/Evidence of Learning

The four peer-graded assignments required to become a Coursera Mentor indicate evidence of learning.

Student Grade Report

This link directs you to the student grade report for the course.

Course Certificate

This link directs you to the course certificate.

Future Goals

After three months of serving as a Coursera Mentor, I plan to complete the Honors assignments to receive the Honors distinction on my certificate.

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