Description of the Program

This Master’s degree in Education from the University of La Verne places great emphasis on educational technology and its successful implementation in the classroom to facilitate and improve learning outcomes.

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The following are required courses and their descriptions:


EDTC 551: Learning Theory and Technology as New Literacy

This course introduces/reviews educational psychology, learning theory, teaching pedagogy/andragogy and teaching methodologies and approaches, within a comprehensive context of technology as a native vehicle for effective teaching and learning.

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EDTC 552: Instructional Design and Mobile Learning Applications

This course applies learning theory, instructional design, educator legal requirements, and best-practice pedagogy to course design and content development for mobile learning.


EDTC 553: Student Directed Learning and Collaborative Communities

This course focuses on designing and facilitating student-directed learning activities, and navigating tiered levels of design-inherent achievement, via active and collaborative social and learning communities.


EDTC 554: Authentic Assessment and Research Practicum

Students complete a research practicum which aggregates and combines theory, design, pedagogy, and tools, to design and develop learning modules that showcase rubric-based authentic assessments and observations.


Area of Concentration

21 semester hours selected from established courses and independent studies (courses taken for my teaching credential)

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