RICA Exam: Test Prep & Practice Course

To extensively prepare for the RICA exam, I took and completed this course from Study.com. I also received a certificate of completion, which demonstrates my high commitment towards succeeding in grounding myself with the knowledge to pass the RICA exam with flying colors and to reinforce my learning of literacy instruction.

Course Summary

This course offers informative video and article-style lessons that address every aspect of the domains covered on the RICA exam, specifically concepts in fluency, comprehension, word analysis, reading instructional planning, and academic language.

About This Course

To prove you possess necessary training and knowledge in the field of reading instruction, you will need to pass the RICA exam, and this course will give you all the tools you need to be ready for your exam. To cover all five domains addressed on the exam, our instructors have built this course with a multitude of chapters. Every chapter covers a major concept, but we break it up further with short, engaging lessons that help you review one topic at a time. Study.com offers you this course to guide you as you go over the following topics:

  • Reading instruction organizing and planning
  • Implementing assessments in reading instruction
  • Promoting phonemic and phonological awareness
  • Addressing the various reading needs of students
  • The Alphabetic Principle and letter recognition
  • Teaching phonics and sight words
  • Improving students’ spelling and vocabulary skills
  • Identifying factors that impact fluency
  • Encouraging and educating students in reading fluency
  • Aspects that influence vocabulary development
  • Promoting vocabulary development skills
  • Reading comprehension instruction
  • Techniques for encouraging reading comprehension
  • Developing response and literary comprehension skills
  • Skill enhancement for research and expository text comprehension



Certificate of Completion

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