Advanced Study in Technology

UCLA EXTENSION: EDUC X 437.65Advanced Study: Technology, Teaching and Learning in the K-12 Classroom

Course Description

This course [provided by UCLA Extension] is an advanced preparation of K-12 teachers in using computer-based technologies and technology resources to support standards-aligned planning, teaching, and assessment, as well as differentiated instruction and equitable access for all students. Includes information on current state and local policies regarding privacy, security, and safety.



Furthermore, this page provides my artifacts that serve as evidence and demonstrate learning of the course outcomes to integrate technology in any K-12 classroom and use various technological tools.

  • Weeks 1-4 Reflections
    Every week the instructor assigned a prompt that required reflecting on articles and videos related to technology, such as the TPACK model, student privacy, and etc.
  • Week 1 Reflection’s Word Cloud
    I created a word cloud of my first week’s reflection.
  • Digital Citizenship Tips Poster
    This project focused on creating a poster to display tips on digital citizenship.
  • Personal Vision Cloud
     created an aesthetically-pleasing word cloud on my personal vision.
  • Final Lesson Plan
    This lesson plan served as the final project for the course that assesses implementation of technological tools to standards-aligned instruction. I created a lesson plan to teach 3rd graders about the U.S. Government and implement multiple tools for students to satisfy their learning outcomes.

Student Grade Report

I received an A+ in this course. Here is the link to the student grade report provided by UCLA Extension.

Key Learnings

This course fueled my excitement and dedication to implementing technology to improve my students’ learning outcomes in any K-12 classroom. After taking this course, I am motivated to use technology to deliver instruction, provide guided practice & differentiation, and serve as assessment. If I incorporate technology into any lesson plan, I will follow the TPACK model to plan my instruction.

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